Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Dave Grohl Performs "In Bloom". Rosh Hashanah. Florence Flooding.

On September 15th Dave Grohl joined Trombone Shorty, and played the Nirvana song, "In Bloom". Rosh Hashanah ended on September 11th. Think about how Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish New Year. The New Year, which signifies new life. Much like the song title, "In Bloom".

Also looking back, the song "In Bloom" was released on the album "Nevermind" in 1991, on September 24th. In 1991, Rosh Hashanah ended on September 18th. Once again, "In Bloom" happens right after the Jewish New Year (New Life).

Also think about Hurricane Florence. All of the flooding that is going on right now. Think about how the Nile floods annually, and has always been the source of new life to the surrounding civilization. I believe that is even a biblical story.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Beetlejuice theme, Interrelated to the Ghost Theme

A couple of my themes I have posted about in the past, are interrelated with some new themes I'm seeing. I'm going to rewrite old information in order to put it all together better, and to make it easier to go over when I make a video.

I had talked about a "Ghost" theme. My cousin told me he didn't like the station we listened to at work, but he like that they played the new song by the band "Ghost'. Then a couple days later, the song "Unchained Melody" came on the radio which made me think of the movie "Ghost" and the guy I work with in my area told me it's the song from "Ghost". Looking up the movie, it was interesting to notice that Demi Moore is in it. Think about Moore, and how my last name is Moores. Also, Patrick Swayze's character is named "Sam" which is my name. The movie also came out in 1990, which is the year I was born.

This last Saturday night, I was sitting at the bar, and a friend of mine came in. He was wearing odd pants. They were black and white striped pants. So when he sat down next to me I said, "Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice" because his pants looked exactly like Beetlejuice's pants in the movie. He got up and went to the bathroom, and when he came back he said somebody else had said the same thing to him. So, tonight at work the DJ on the radio was talking. I couldn't really hear him well enough over the welders, but I did catch him say "Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice". So I had to look up this movie when I got home. I use to watch that movie all the time when I was a kid, but I haven't seen it since.

If you're not familiar with the movie, a couple dies in a car crash, and they come back as ghosts. They try to live in their house, but the new owners are awful, and they try to scare them out. When that doesn't work, they get help from the spirit of "Beetlejuice" to help them. But they find out that he is an evil spirit, and they begin to worry about the family. Just think about that in regards to the "Ghost" theme.

Also, I have a calendar in my kitchen. I've written all my family members birthday's on it. I noticed that the only birthday this month (September) is my cousins son "Keaton". Think about that in regards to Beetlejuice. He was played in the movie by "Michael Keaton". It's odd too because he is turning 10 years old this year. Remember my post about the anniversary of my Uncle's death? I heard the song "Wipeout" which was his favorite song, followed by "Under The Boardwalk" which I always associate with him, because he sang it in the band he played in. I looked up his funeral notice, and the night I heard those songs was 10 days after the 10 year anniversary.

Beetlejuice = 97(English)
Demi Moore = 97(English)
Under The Boardwalk = 97(Reverse Reduced)

Ghost = 21(Reverse Reduced) 66(Reverse English)
Keaton = 21(Reduced) 66(English)

Michael Keaton = 72(Reverse Reduced)
Unchained Melody = 72(Reduced) 72(Reverse Reduced)

Sam Moores = 37(Reduced)
Uncle Jeff = 37(Reduced)
Wipeout = 37(Reduced)

Monday, August 20, 2018

Dr. Phil And A Teacher From My School

Saturday afternoon I was sitting around watching YouTube videos. I watched these guys do commentary on Dr. Phil episodes. It made me think of a teacher at my old school. His name is Tyler Knot, or Mr. Knot. I didn't have him as a teacher, but he was always friendly to everyone, so we all knew him. Anyways, he looks just like Dr. Phil, and even has a similar voice. I think he even played Dr. Phil in some skits kids wrote for pep rallies. I've been out of school for 10 years, and I've only seen him a couple times since then.

Later that night I was at the bar here in town (Corn Palace) and I was standing outside having a cigarette around 11p.m. and Mr. Knot came walking up to the bar. It blew my mind. I spent that day watching Dr. Phil videos, thinking about this teacher who I've hardly seen in 10 years, and then he walks into a bar.

Mr Knot = 91(English)

Dr. Phil was born on 9/1

I had to document this. I haven't looked all that much into it, but I'm sure i'll come back to it in the future.

Labor Day = 19(Chaldean) September 1st is written 1/9 in most parts of the world.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Strange "Dream like" State

My normal routine on a weeknight is, I get off work at 2 a.m. and I come home and shower. I'll lay on the couch for a while, watch tv and relax before I go to bed.

Last night I was laying on my couch, and I decided to watch one more episode of Parks and Rec before going to bed. I decided to lay on my back and close my eyes to really relax. I can never fall asleep laying like this and that's why I did it.

As I'm laying there, I can still hear the tv, and at times I can look down the couch and see my feet. After a while I can hear someone snoring. I was the only person in my house, so I was a little freaked out. I kept thinking, "Who the hell is snoring"? I opened my eyes, and waited to hear it again. That's when I realized it was me who was snoring. I had been asleep for a while.

I got up from my couch to turn off the tv and go to bed, which is when I realized I was still in a daze. I could tell I had been dreaming heavily, but I couldn't remember it. I wasn't even sure if what I was doing was actually happening. Then randomly I thought about the color green, and it got me really excited. It was almost like having anxiety. I couldn't think of why I would have felt that way, other than I must have been dreaming about something green, and it was either really good, or really bad.

The experience left me a little shaken and exhausted. I've experienced a lot of strange things similar to this, but nothing exactly like this. I'll try and see if I can make it happen again tonight, but in the meantime, I'll be paying attention to anything that is green. HA!

Shalom Aleichem

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Synchronicity With "Ghost": Anniversary Of My Uncles Death

This is another story about the radio at work. We listen to XM radio over the intercom at work. Last Thursday we listened to the station "Octane" which is mostly new rock. My cousin and I can't stand that station, but the next night him and I were having a few drinks at the bar when he told me how he like the new song they played by the band "Ghost" because he's a fan of theirs. Tonight at work, I heard the song "Unchained Melody" by the "Righteous Brothers" which is the main song for the movie "Ghost". I wish I could remember the others. I'm missing a couple more, but when I go to type it up I forget. I'm sure I will remember later. Oddly enough, while I'm typing this up, I have "Parks and Rec" on the TV, and the guy said, "He hasn't gotten an email in 12 days, he must be a ghost". This stuff keeps happening.....

So tonight, we listened to 60's on 6. We haven't listened to this station in months. We don't usually listen to it often, but we rarely go this long without it. It was toward the end of my shift, and the song "Wipeout" played. Every time I hear that song I always think about my Uncle, because it was his favorite song, and it was his favorite to play on his drums. The next song that played was "Under The Boardwalk" which also always makes me think of my uncle. He played in a band with my parents when I was a kid, and that was one of the songs they played, and he would sing it. That's when I realized it was right around the anniversary of his death. When I got home, I checked the dates. 10 days ago, it was the 10 year anniversary of his death.

Uncle Jeff = 37(Reduced)
Wipeout = 37(Reduced)

Oddly enough...

Sam Moores = 37(Reduced)

Synchronicity With Chris Cornell

I wish I would have documented this when it happened, because now I can't remember the date.

I was driving home from work about a month ago, and I was listening to an Audioslave CD. I was thinking about all the different projects Chris Cornell has done, and that he could do no wrong. Right after I thought that, the next lyric in the song that he sang was, "I can do no wrong".

Chris Cornell = 64(Reduced) 71 (Reverse Reduced)
I Can Do No Wrong = 71(Reduced) 64(Reverse Reduced)

Audioslave = 37(Reduced)
Sam Moores = 37(Reduced)

Sunday, August 5, 2018

California Fires

I saw a story about wildfires in California. It stuck out to me because last night I was talking to a friend about the band Bad Religion. Specifically the song, "Los Angeles is Burning"

Carr Fire = 51(Reduced) 57(Reverse Reduced)
Wildfires = 51(Reduced) 57(Reverse Reduced)

This might be something, maybe not, but there was a story today about Hope Hicks.

Remember "H" is the 8th letter of the Alphabet, so Hope Hicks, HH looks like 88

California = 88(English)

Dave Grohl Performs "In Bloom". Rosh Hashanah. Florence Flooding.

On September 15th Dave Grohl joined Trombone Shorty, and played the Nirvana song, "In Bloom". Rosh Hashanah ended on September 11t...