Sunday, April 22, 2018

21 Pitch Battle

Today during the Angels/Giants game there was a 21 pitch battle between pitcher Jaime Barria and hitter Brandon Belt.

Jaime Barria = 51(Reduced)

He also wears number 51

It's also worth noting that Jaime Barria is currently 21 years old at the time of the 21 pitch at-bat.

They didn't start keeping records of pitches per at-bat until 1988, which is the year Brandon Belt was born.

The original record occurred on June 26 1998. Today is April 22 2018. From June 26, to April 22, it is a span of 65 days.

California = 65(Reverse Reduced)

California is important because it happened in California, between two teams from California. The Los Angeles Angels and the San Francisco Giants.

Shania Twain On Donald Trump

So I was looking at USA Today on my laptop today, and the first story I saw was about Shania Twain saying that if she could vote, she would have voted for Donald Trump, even though she says he was offensive. This story stood out to me, just based on the fact of how stupid it is. Shania Twain is a Canadian citizen, and can't vote. Why does her opinion matter? Why is a major "news" publication talking about this? Who really cares? It doesn't make any sense to me. With the use of Gematria, we can decode stupid bullshit like this.

Shania Twain = 47(Full Reduction)
Trump = 47(Reverse English)
Canadian = 47(English)

Trump = 29(Reverse Reduced)
Canadian = 29(Reduction)

The article highlighted the quote, "Even though he was offensive"

Even though he was offensive = 105(Reverse Reduced)

Donald Trump was born on June 14th, and Shania Twain was born on August 28th. The span between those dates is 10 weeks and 5 days. Much like 105.

Friday, April 13, 2018

The Importance of 33

The number 33 has an interesting history, and symbolic meaning. There's no doubt you see that number everywhere. Why is it important?

It stems back to the Kundalini. The Chakras that go up your spine. Everyone has 33 vertebrae.

In Gematria:
People = 33
Person = 33

Now think about Freemasonry. In the Scottish Right, the 33rd degree is the highest rank. I believe this also stems back to The Kundalini, and Esotericism. A Mason reaches the 33rd degree once all of his chakras are aligned up 33 vertebrae.

It's interesting also, that Freemasonry is based in Kabbalah. Remember in the book "Morals and Dogma" it says, "Freemasonry owes all things to Kabbalah." Kabbalah is also a form of Hermeticism just like The Kundalini.

These are all ancient occult teachings, that can be used for good, or bad. Either way there seems to be something to this stuff.

I just thought I would document this for future reference.

Shalom Aleichem

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

More Synchronicity With Roseanne

I just want to add a few things that i've noticed while i'm re-watching Roseanne. I just got to season 9, and I never noticed that Blues Traveler had done all the music for the show during this season. In my last blog post, I talked about the synchronicity I was seeing with Roseanne and Blues Traveler.

Also, Jim Varney was in this season. He played Prince Carlos. I did a blog post about Jim Varney a while ago, and I talked about how he was important because of how he always makes me think of my grandpa. They both died in 2000, they both had lung cancer, and they were both named James, but went by Jim. Also, tonight at work, a guy was telling me that he just looked up the voices of the actors in Toy Story. He never noticed who any of them were, which is funny, because he's older than me, and I saw that movie in the theatre and I knew who the actors were. Anyways, I had documented how Jim Varney was "Slinky Dog" in that movie.

I wonder if I'm going to see something more with John Goodman, or if I'm suppose to see something in Toy Story, or with some other cast member.

Actually, I just now thought of this. Laurie Metcalf played Jackie on Roseanne, and I believe she was also the voice of Andy's mom on Toy Story. Jim Varney was Prince Carlos on Roseanne, who was Jackie's love interest in season 9, and as I said he was Slinky Dog in Toy Story.

Jim Varney = 126(Reverse Ordinal)
Laurie Metcalf = 126(Ordinal)

I'll keep following these signs, and I'll make sure to share everything I see.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Blues Traveler, Roseanne. Connections to Me, and Chicago

Lately, I've been noticing the band "Blues Traveler" has been coming up a lot lately in my life. So I assumed it means that I'm suppose to see something.

The first thing I noticed, is the first time I ever saw them live was at Stir Cove, at Harrah's Casino in Council Bluffs Iowa. My friend and I are planning on going to see them at Red Rocks in Colorado in August.

Stir Cove = 39(Reduction) 51(Reverse Reduction)
Red Rocks = 39(Reduction) 51(Reverse Reduction)

Blues Traveler = 83(Reverse Reduction)
Colorado = 83(English)

I've been seeing John Popper/Blues Traveler in movies and on T.V. lately. Older videos.  Roseanne, Kingpin, and Blues Brothers 2000. Blues Brothers 2000 was released on February 6th, which is the 37th day of the year.

Sam Moores = 37(Reduction) 125(Reverse Ordinal)
Roseanne = 37(Reduction) 44(Reverse Reduction) 125(Reverse Ordinal)
Kingpin = 37(Reverse Reduction) 44(Reduction)
Harrah's = 37(Reduction) 44(Reverse Reductions) which is the casino where the "Stir Cove" is

Chicago is a huge theme too.

Chicago = 37(Reduced)

In a previous post, I talked about a poster of Chicago that I had when I was a kid. Also in that post, I talk about how I believe I was experiencing Astral Projection, and I thought I was flying over Chicago. The only time I've ever been to Chicago was in 1991. I wasn't very old, and we were only changing flights. The show "Roseanne" takes place in Chicago, and in the episode with Blues Traveler, Dan gets on stage and sings the song, "Sweet Home Chicago" and on the soundtrack to the movie "Blues Brothers 2000" the first song is called "Born In Chicago"

Born In Chicago = 118(English)
Sam Moores = 118(English)

The Episode of Roseanne was called, "Of Mice and Dan" Dan performs with Blues Traveler. John Popper plays "Ray Wilson" and I was born on November 15th which leaves 46 days in the year.

Of Mice and Dan = 53(Reduction)
Sam Moores = 53(Reverse Reduction)
Harmonica = 53(Reverse Reduction) 46(Reduction)
John Goodman = 53(Reduction) 46(Reverse Reduction)
Ray Wilson = 53(Reverse Reduction) 46(Reduction)
Council Bluffs = 53(Reduction)
Chicago = 46(English)

John Goodman was also in the movie "Blues Brothers 2000" with John Popper.

John Goodman = 116(English)
Harrah's = 116(Reverse Ordinal)

Harrah's Casino = 82(Reverse Reduction)
Harmonica = 82(English)

I just remembered a girl I use to date. She lived in Louisiana for a year with her family in a town outside New Orleans. She said John Goodman lived in that town too, and she would occasionally see him at the local gas station.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Pete "Red" Rose

So the most obvious things you will notice about Pete Rose, is his last name is rose. Roses are RED. He played for the Cincinnati REDS. He also played for the Phillies whose main color is also RED. Here's a few numbers:

Pete = 19(Reduced)
Reds = 19(Reduced)

Rose = 51(Reverse Ordinal)
Cincinnati = 51(Reduced)

Baseball = 18(Reduced)
Red = 18(Reduced)

Pete = 17(Reduced Reversed)
Pete Rose was a 17x all star

He played and managed in the MLB for 26 years
Reds = 26(Reverse Reduced)
Gambled = 26(Reduced)

He is also known for his 44 game hit streak
Gambled = 44(Ordinal)

The Hit King = 57(Reduced) 51(Reverse Reduced)
Rose = 57(Ordinal) 51(Reverse Ordinal)
Cincinnati = 51(Reduced)

In 1990 he plead guilty to Tax Evasion
Pete Rose = 40(Reduced)
Tax Evasion = 40(Reduced)

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Robin Hood Hill: West Memphis

So, yesterday I was doing some research about historical events that happened on my birthday. I blogged them in my last post. In doing so, I learned about "blood libel".

It was a Sunday night, and like always I watched a movie. Instead of a movie, I instead chose a documentary called, Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills. This was about the ritual murders in West Memphis. I didn't put two and two together until tonight while I was at work. I just learn about blood libel, and I watch a documentary about a ritual murder.

These kinds of synchronicity have been happening a lot to me lately. So I can't help but to think I'm supposed to see something.

The 3 accused killers were known to study Wicca religion. There were 3 victims. Looks like 33

Wicca = 33(Reverse Reduction) and 39(English)

The murders happened at Robin Hood Hill, which is located at 39 degrees latitude.

Damien Echols = 63(Reverse Reduction)
Michael Moore = 63(Reduction) 63(Reverse Reduction) 117(English)
Steve Branch = 63(Reverse Reduction) 117(English)
Jason Misskelley Jr = 117(Reverse Reduction)

21 Pitch Battle

Today during the Angels/Giants game there was a 21 pitch battle between pitcher Jaime Barria and hitter Brandon Belt. Jaime Barria = 51(Re...